Our Engagement ♡ 8.5.17

how it happened...


It all started when...

He made me drop him off at the airport on Saturday morning, pretending he was going back home to Oklahoma. I spent most of the day in bed, sad that our vacation was over, until my mom had told me we were celebrating my dad's birthday at one of our favorite restaurants. She told me to "look good."

Little did I know that Joe's parents were also in town and picked him right up from the airport once I dropped him off. He even had his phone on airplane mode so that my texts wouldn't go through, making me think he really was on the plane.

He printed out eight milestone pictures. Starting from the first photo we ever took together, around 845 days ago, ending with the first photo we took on the start of our vacation together. He stuck these pictures onto giant balloons and set up a memory walkway, with the New York City skyline as our backdrop, and recorded a 3 minute audio clip, telling the story of how we met, how our relationship grew, to right now - the beginning of a new chapter.

When I got to the last balloon, he told me to hand the headphones and phone to my sister, to take 10 steps forward and to close my eyes. Before I could even start crying, he was there, on one knee, asking to marry me.

I said yes!


thank you to our friends & family for all of your kind wishes! 

we are so happy & excited about this next chapter in our lives. thank you for being a part of it. 

love always, danielle & joe