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Danielle Cervoni

STYLE GURU BIO | June 27, 2013

My name is Danielle Cervoni and I am a rising sophomore at American University in Washington D.C., where I am majoring in Public Communication and minoring in Marketing. I hold the positions of Deputy Director of Social Media for American University’s student government and Director of Photography for I AM, which is a New York based, globally inspired lifestyle magazine. This is my first time working with CollegeFashionista and I am very excited to learn more about the fashion world from my fellow Style Gurus this summer.

Born and raised in New York, one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world, surrounded by a huge, well-dressed Italian family, I have acquired a love for fashion. Growing up in New York and moving to D.C. for my first semester of college has opened my eyes to so many different types of styles. Living in two of the biggest, brightest and most energetic cities in the nation, I have realized that fashion is what you make of it. From hanging out with the edgiest of roommates who rock ripped jeans and Dr. Martens to the most conservative of classmates who wear Lilly Pulitzer and Tory Burch flats, I have fallen in love with the whole spectrum of city life and college style.

My style is simple and I believe that you cannot go wrong with the basics. I also believe that it is okay to be a little wild at times. Wear bright colors, tons of sequins, crazy patterns and really high heels. College is a time to experiment, to create yourself, to learn about who you want to be and how you want the world to look at you. So before you form your own sense of style, be a little wild and try everything.

Style On®,

Danielle Cervoni


A festival is always the best place one can be who he or she wants to be. It is a place where you are accepted no matter what you are wearing, who you are with and what you are there for. A festival is a place that you go for the music and stay for the good time. It gives you the opportunity to dress differently then you normally would, so why not? Dress a little wild, be a little crazy and show the world the festival side of you.

I spotted this Fashionista getting ready to dance the night away in a Brandy Melville polka-dotted shirt and shorts set. A festival would definitely be the only place one could get away with pairing the two together. The oversized knit that she pulled over her matching top and bottom was from Free People. It really helped complete the outfit and kept this Fashionista safe from being cold at night.

Now, on to the best part of the outfit — her shoes. Red and as fun as could be, these Jeffrey Campbell bootieshelped make this outfit pop. Being the only colored part to her ensemble, this Fashionista chose wisely in what part of her outfit she wanted to highlight.

What festival would be complete if you were not rocking a cowboy inspired sun hat? None. How could this Fashionista leave the house without adding this flawless accessory to her outfit? This UNIF black and silver plated sun hat will most definitely get this Fashionista compliments throughout the day because of how well it completes and goes with her outfit. So remember, if you are planning on attending a festival in the future — get a hat like this.

Festivals are for music, good friends, good times and good style.

 One Simple Change: By switching the halter belly top to a plain black T-shirt, this outfit would be perfect for running some errands.

Style On®,

Danielle Cervoni


T.G.I.F means “Thank God It’s Friday” for most people, but to others it means, “Thank God I’m a Fashionista.” When the weekend rolls around, the young interns of Long Island like to strip off the work clothes and ballet flats, throw on some jean shorts and T-shirts and make their way to the beach. However, the Fashionistas of Long Island take each weekend as a chance to show New York and the world what they are all about.

I spotted this Fashionista in a casual white tank from Brandy Melville, a pair of Wild Fox jean shorts and some casual ALDO wedges. She spiced up this comfy outfit with some vintage accessories she acquired from her travels to Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. After snapping a few pictures of this Fashionista, I noticed her beautiful evil-eye bracelets and necklace. These charms are worn to ward off “evil-eyes” which, in many cultures, are believed to cause injury or bad luck to those who receive it. Jennifer Fisher Jewelry has a line of evil-eye ringsnecklacesbracelets and charms that set them selves apart from the typical evil-eye charms. They are very delicate pieces that you can layer and wear as sets and I am absolutely obsessed with every single piece.

This Fashionista personalized her outfit with a vintage brown leather messenger bag. She bought this bag on her trip to India and fell in love with its handmade details and intricate designs. I think it is very important to add a little bit of yourself and to customize every outfit. Wear your DIY ripped jeans, show off your favorite beaded bracelets and take pride in what you love for it will come through in your ensemble.

One Simple Change: If you switch from wedges to sneakers, this outfit is perfect for running errands.

Style On®,

Danielle Cervoni

WHAT TO WEAR: COLD WEATHER | November 5, 2013

Unless you live in Miami, like to ski and don’t mind spending most of your time indoors watching marathons of Law & Order because the roads are too icy for you to drive, winter can be pretty rough. Who really likes to dress for the cold? Hats make my hair flat, gloves are hard to text with and I can never seem to find the right pair of boots for the season. So, it’s safe to say winter really is not my favorite time of year. But, since I live in New York and go to school in DC, I’ve learned to live with it. And what’s the most important article of clothing one needs for the wintertime? The perfect jacket.

I spotted this Fashionista braving the cold in an L.L.Bean green plaid pea coat. A pea coat is structured, fitted and looks proper in any outfit. The right jacket really can make or break an outfit, and this Fashionista got it right. She paired her coat with a white thermal from the Gap, light gray J.Brand skinny jeans and Liberty Black studded leather boots.

She accessorized very simply with a silver Cartier tank watch and a Charles Krypell bracelet and ring. The Sterling Collection by Charles Krypell offers a simple, youthful and timeless design of sterling silver and 18k gold in many different styles. Personally, I love this collection and have a matching ring and necklace set that I wear frequently. Any piece from the collection would be a perfect gift for Christmas or celebrating the New Year.

One Simple Change: Throw on your backpack and this outfit is perfect for an early class!

Style On®,

Danielle Cervoni

WHAT TO WEAR: MIDTERMS | November 12, 2013

The middle of the semester has already arrived. That means it’s time for sweaters, semi-formals and midterms. One can take this dreadful week down one of two routes— the pajama chic route or the trendy but tired route. I spotted this Fashionista on the way to take a test after studying for hours on end in the library. Zero hours of sleep had nothing on this midterm-taking, beanie-wearing Fashionista.

An oversized, LF Boutique gray and white flannel paired with dark washed J Brand skinny jeans and black leather Steve Madden boots was the most comfortable, most fashionable and easiest outfit this Fashionista could put together last minute whilst getting ready to spend the day in the library. Since the weather hasn’t been too bad, she did not need a jacket, but she threw on the beanie. This olive green, slouchy beanie went almost too perfect with her relaxed look. I also fell in love with her dark rimmed Ray-Ban eyeglasses. This season, Chanel, Tom Ford and Ray-Ban put out a line of eyeglasses with colorful frames that are to die for.

She accessorized with some Urban Outfitters gold and silver rings, a Michele watch and a Louis Vuitton handbag. This Fashionista doesn’t play around when it comes to the jewels OR the studying. Not only did this Fashionista ace all of her tests, but she aced her outfit game on campus during midterm week. Job well done.

One Simple Change: Throw on a puffy vest for the chillier fall days to keep warm!

Style On®,

Danielle Cervoni